The Burnsville Visual Arts Society, originally named Burnsville Area Society for the Arts (BASA), was formed by a group of dedicated citizens from Burnsville and surrounding suburbs, who came together with the common goal to promote the arts in the area. BVAS was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in April of 1981. Since then, BVAS has become a well-respected arts presence in the communities south of the River.

BVAS’ mission is to encourage our member’s artistic growth both professionally and personally and to advance the value of the visual arts in our communities.

BVAS also serves as a resource to the community to connect our member artists to organizations and events. BVAS’ programs have enhanced our community’s quality of life by encouraging an appreciation of the arts. Our members include artists and arts advocates who participate in order to enrich their lives by learning from and supporting the arts. BVAS’ purpose is to continue to organize and promote a variety of local creative visual arts events and activities.

BVAS believes the beauty, thought, and peace the arts provide should be available to everyone.