Hello Members and Art Appreciators!

We value your input and presence, whether it is to exhibit, exchange ideas or observe and appreciate the work of others. We welcome all who are interested in being a part of this inspiring effort to support and encourage local artists in their creative endeavors in all levels and media.

BVAS Monthly Meetings

In our monthly meetings we discuss BVAS business, upcoming events, and a variety of arts related content on a meeting by meeting basis.  In future meetings we aim to infuse artistic show-and-tell opportunities for our members, short procedural or artistic history talks, and demonstrations by various professionals we are able to arrange.  Please stay tuned, as we make arrangements for meeting agendas we will pass them along as soon as possible.



Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering in any way, well, we are always on the look out for volunteers and would very much appreciate your support!  We do not have an exact description of what our volunteers do at the moment, just that the tasking is simple and that it varies in support of all BVAS events.

Volunteer requirements vary depending on each event, but if you have a particular strength or ability, please let us know!  We are open to all interested and can likely find a task you will enjoy. Don’t be shy! Just a few ideas of volunteer opportunities:

• contacting sponsors
• help set up food for receptions
• welcome visitors/pass out flyers at events
• be present at drop-off and pick-up times for artists- needed at each exhibit event
• proof read publications
• help design publications and promotional materials
• set up for events, i.e. tables, chairs, signs, misc.
• contact potential judges and presenters
• be a presenter

If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to send us a note with "I WANT TO BE A VOLUNTEER" in the subject line to burnsvillevas@gmail.com.

Future Burnsville Visual Arts Society Events

May 2020 Burnsville City Hall Rotating Art Exhibit

June 2020 Burnhaven Library Rotating Art Exhibit

August 2020 Art Fete at the Ames Center

August 2020 Art and All That Jazz

September 2020 Fairview Ridges Hospital Show