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Amy Hodd
Beverly Wood
Bob Pollard
Caitlyn Holl
Charlotte Brodie Eastin
Chris Price
David Hart
Debra L. Zyla
Donna Ray
Eileen France
Eric Ketelsen
Hannah Wehling
Jacqueline Swanson
James Christenson
Janet McLandsborough



Jeralyn Mohr
John Huisman
Jonathan R. Smith
Judith Favia
Judy Block
JuliAnne Jonker
Julie Dueffert
Kevin Grass
Kristi Abbott
Linda Jensen
Linda Snouffer
Lynn O'Gorman
Lucy LeMay
Margo Northrup
Mary Lee Lewis
Mike Hughes



Natalie McGuire
Patricia Schwartz
Polly Kersten
Raquel Diaz
Renee Scholen
Richard Mittelstadt
Rita Corrigan
Ron Bergerson
Roxanne Meshar
Scott Krohn
Sheri Grube
Sherstin Schwartz
Steve Sheehan
Susan Estill
Tom Dimock
Wendy Machin

Narcissus by Chris Price

A Wolf Under the Harvest Moon by Raquel Diaz

Old Leather and Forgotten Seams by John Huisman

Harley's at Work by Lucy LeMay

Beachy Sunset by Roxanne Meshar

Free as a Bird by Rick Mittelstadt

Coral Reef by Bob Pollard

I am Love by Kristi Abbott

Sunset by Lynn O'Gorman

Good Hair Day by Sheri Grube

Roses by Steve Sheehan